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Dresses and Stresses.. – Diary entry no.6

August 20th, 2018|

Well with the wedding countdown well and truly on, and the big gathering just a few weeks away… the time has come to make tough decisions and get real with actively making one my own dresses.

That was all well and good in theory, but the place between theory and creativity entrapped me…guessing and second guessing all my previous ideas and hoping against hope that I have the skill base to back it up.

Trying to find a happy place between my crazy romantic ideals of what is and what’s not even remotely possible, if not functional and practical.

To me- why should practicality even come into the equation, being one of such romantic ideals as anything should be possible if you want it to be so!?

Apparently the dressmaking world may not agree with me on that one..

And so it came to pass this week, that I sat there on the floor, with my dress literally in bits and pieces all around me, wondering “what the hell am I doing here?

How did I even arrive at this place???”

“My wedding is just weeks away and my dress is actually in tatters on the floor!”

Intense dress stress!!!

My original idea was to enjoy the creative process in taking a concept and bringing it into 3D form, but then reality came crashing down around my ears and doubts in my ability and the expected outcome, within the given time frame have hampered my progress considerably.

I am however not permanently discouraged, but have taken time out to less overwhelming pursuits instead, and when the creative urges return with full gusto I shall forge ahead, doubts aside, to see where the process takes me.

I do have back up plans, so will just have to see where I get lead and what takes shape! I’m excited to see what eventuates!!

I guess all shall be revealed… 😉 Sassy-nach xx

‘Vows’ Diary entry no.5

August 10th, 2018|

Dear diary,

Just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, into my consciousness crept these words… softly at first and then more and more insistent…

When I acknowledged them I realised that they were the beginnings of my wedding vows…

So on went the light, and I scribbled them down.

Those first few words grew, and flew onto that page, and before long I had more than a page of prose and from whence it came who knows… but my early night ended up being a late one indeed!

But it feels good to feel into the essence, the core of what a marriage, a wedding is all about…Me and the one I Love, Scott!

To rekindle and remember all that we were, have been and still are.

To really explore and encompass those emotions again, that begged to be acknowledged and thus embodied within the heart once more.

So much to say and how to put into words the feelings? How can one word possibly adequately encompass so much depth of emotion? Wrangling the limitations of language was my greatest challenge.

And yet the words spoke straight from my heart as fresh as the morning dew, just as if they were new, and always meant to have been spoken from the tip of my tongue to the bottom of the page.

So long as it resonates deeply in the heart of the man I love, then that is all that matters!

Sassy-nach xx

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