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‘Tartan’ Diary entry no.3

July 7th, 2018|

Dear diary,

It has been a while since I have had time to stop and write, as there has been so much to do in the preparations for the great gathering ahead.

So much to think about and so many decisions to make..

The most pressing one has been kilts and tartans, whether to get these made to order or ready made, and which tartans to select and for what reasons?

To stay true to the clan, the event or what just feels right?

I have been scouring the planet for options, with obviously the most choice available in scots-land, but also some original findings in the Americas as well..

I have learnt much about the variances in colours, stripes and details and with our scots – surname belonging to a few septs we have more than a few choices to choose from. But with choice comes consternation and contemplation, and so the enlongated process continues of finding the perfect tartan for the event!

Then there is the style… the great kilts, ancients kilts, or phillabeg? casual or formal?economy or utility …. the list goes on.

I am sure when the right one presents itself and the process flows then my decision will be guided in the direction it is meant.

I guess we will have to all wait and see?

Just adds to the anticipation and the excitement I guess?

Of that we luckily still have plenty!

Signed your sighing sassenach,

Sassenach scribblings…Wedding Diary entry no.2

June 29th, 2018|

So I have been given such affirmations and synchronicities as cannot be ignored … I am on the right path and all is well.

I am unequivocally supported to take notice of all the signs that be and look to the meaning in all things.

Whilst seeking the practicalities of the gathering ahead, and searching for ‘artifacts’ that would suit such a glorious and reverant occasion, my birth mother finds a pewter tankard in a second-hand shop here and passes it onto me.

She did not realise or even notice however, that on the bottom of this tankard was inscribed a name, a name we all know and love … Unbelievably, it was the name… J. Fraser!!

So methinks that I am well supported on this path towards the great gathering of the clans. Things certainly feel very aligned and all things being connected means that nothing, absolutely nothing happens by chance. It all happens for a reason.

So it flows and follows for Scotty and I too, and I believe indeed even you too are connected to us now for a reason as well. So it is and shall be that we are one on this journey. It is all meant to be, I feel that in my very bones, my blood, and my body as well..

With love for now, Michaela (Sassy-nach)

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