If you love Craigh na Dun

The Outlander Fan Gathering will be a totally immersive experience at a unique venue, the Australian Standing Stones.

For two days, the Australian Standing Stones will mimic Craigh na Dun. They will provide a haunting backdrop for you to become your favourite Outlander character.

The Australian Standing Stones are often shrouded in mist early in the morning. Sunrise and sunset are magical times to be at the Stones. They are a national monument that is the focus of the annual Australian Celtic Festival and a gathering place for Australia’s Celtic associations.

The Australian Standing Stones are our own Outlander movie set and we are all cast members. The lookalike competition winners will be seated at the Laird’s table for the gathering banquets at the various themed venues on the Saturday evening.

Several businesses around town will change their names for the weekend.

Don’t be surprised to see the Jamie Fraser Hotel or the Claire Beauchamp Coffee Shop as you wander through Glen Innes’s historic town centre!

Dinner venues

Several dining rooms around town will be transformed into Castle Leoch, Lallybroch and the Palace of Versailles to keep the magic going.

Castle Leoch
The Services Club auditorium will be themed for dinner for 450 people.

The New England Motor Lodge restaurant will be themed for dinner for 90 people.

The Palace of Versailles
The Hereford Steakhouse will be themed for dinner for 60 people.