Q. When do ticket sales close?
A. 12th October 2018, No more tickets will be sold after this date.

Q. Can I take my car to the Stones?
A. NO! For your comfort and convenience buses will take you to the Stones from your motel as it will be dark and very hilly. Security will be in place and will not let you past the entrance gates.

Q. Will I be able to leave the gathering during the day if required?
A. YES! There will be a courtesy bus available for you to go back to your motel or downtown if required – both days.

Q. Are children allowed?
A. NO! This event is for 15 years plus only.

Q. Do I have to dress up?
A. Dressing up is highly encouraged but not compulsory.

Q. Whats included in the ticket price?
A. Your ticket includes all Entertainment, Stone Circle Events and your Dinner on Saturday night, other costs are food at the Stones during the day which will be provided by service groups and very affordable.

Q. If I don’t want to go to the Lantern Dance at 5.00am, can I come to the Stones later?
A. YES! You can catch the courtesy bus from the Visitor Information Centre car park on the hour from 8am to 12noon – You must produce your Outlandish ticket to board the courtesy bus.

Q. What will I need for the day?
A. You will need a picnic rug or ground sheet (no larger than 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres, hat, sunscreen, a small cushion if desired, anyone needing to bring a folding chair must sit at the back of the viewing area. Ushers will be on site to help you get in position quickly before 5.30am.

In case of true Scottish weather, there will be a rain plan should we need it – To be advised.

Q. How will I know which dinner venue to attend?

A. If you are one of the first 450 people to purchase your ticket to the Gathering you will be seated at Castle Leoch for dinner.
If you are one of the next 90 people to purchase a ticket you will be seated at Lallybroch for dinner.
If you are one of the final 60 people to purchase a ticket you will be seated at the Palace of Versailles dining room.

All venues will be themed with decorations and have live music also a traditional Scottish Haggis ceremony will take place at each venue so no one misses out on anything.