Well the wedding is feeling closer and to connect more to the event we passed through Glen Innes last week to reconnect with the special Standing Stones which we adore.

We headed up to the stones at dusk just as the sun was setting, and the Stones were looking magical in the orange light, casting long shadows in their mystical glory, standing loud and proud in their magnificence. It does feel like an honour to be present in their presence and it was fun to play in them again and act out some of what we know is to come.

We then had the privilege of meeting with our high priestess Mel for the first time, and discuss the ceremony in more detail and some old Celtic rituals that we would like to incorporate. It was wonderful to meet her and get a sense of what she will bring to the gathering and our special exchange.

It has paved the way to us going back in time to places and spaces that we have shared in our journey over the years, and retelling parts of it to our children so they understand our love story, where it began, how it evolved and how it continues to this very day.

Gifting this to our children is perhaps the greatest treasure of all, as they will know, understand and remember, all that was, is and could be…

Hopefully they will carry this with them for generations to come; which fills my heart with a sense of abiding peace that is difficult to encompass with words alone.

Signed your sassenach,